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IPHD Dataset (2020)

IPHD dataset

More than 120K pairs of registered depth and thermal frames where to perform human detection. Bounding boxes are annotated in the color images (not provided).

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In case of using these data, please cite:


First Impressions V1 (2016)

More than 10,000 15-second videos segments collected from YouTube, annotated with the Big Five personality traits by AMT workers.

Related publications

In case of using these data, please cite:

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Tri-modal body segmentation dataset (2016)

The dataset features a total of 5724 annotated frames divided in three indoor scenes. Every person is annotated with a unique ID in the scene on a pixel-level in the RGB modality. For the thermal and depth modalities, annotations are transferred from the RGB images using a registration algorithm.

Related publications

In case of using these data, please cite:

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